For The Rich Mom – $3,300 Self-Driving Stroller



For the rich new mom who has everything, this is the stroller you want to get. The stroller cost a whopping $3,300 and it made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. What’s so unique about it? It drives itself! This new stroller comes with self-driving technology that allows it to navigate through crowded areas and obstacles to give moms a helping hand.

The stroller uses a combination of sensors, cameras, and AI to navigate its surroundings. It to be programmed to follow a predetermined path or just follow the parents around. It will n come to a complete stop if it detects something in its way.

Other impressive features includes a built-in speaker system for playing music or telling people to get out of the way. There is also a built-in cup holder and tray for snacks, and a USB charging port to power your iPhone. The baby seat can recline and has adjustable footrest for added comfort.

The creators of the stroller claims the biggest selling points of their self-driving stroller is its ability to free up parents’ hands. Whether mom is busy juggling bags, a phone, or a child, she can rest easy in the knowledge that the stroller will be following her.

While $3,300 is quite pricy for a stroller, it is sure to appeal to tech-savvy parents who wants the latest toys. The self-driving stroller offers a near perfect blend of convenience and innovation, and rich soccer moms will definitely want to check it out.


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